Only slightly less odd than a talking dolphin pilot is the talking baby pilot Arthur Sid Pride, son of William Sid Pride and his bride Alicia. Arthur is a child prodigy and would-be detective. Unlike either of his parents, he has brown eyes, and he wears a brown cap and cape, like the stereotypical Sherlock Holmes attire, in addition to his diaper and booties. Arthur also carries a baby bottle with him. Arthur is one of three Sid Pride children, presumably the eldest.[1]

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Arthur in Sonic Wings 2.

Baby Detective
1-year-old genius baby. He wishes to clear up all the mysteries in the world and makes a sortie to uncover the secret organization.
-Aerofighters 2 English game manual

Arthur is a pretty competent pilot for a baby, although he does sometimes lapse into baby talk, napping, and missing his mother. In single player mode, after defeating the final boss, Arthur is shown to have dreamed the entire game, similar to Mao Mao's dream in Sonic Wings. William and Alicia are shown in this sequence.

In two-player mode, Arthur can be paired with any of the other pilots:

  • Angela: Arthur and Angela are one of the least interesting pilot combinations simply because they don't bicker! Most of their dialogue consists of discussing the battle and enemies. After the final boss battle, Lord River-n-White appears in a cameo, telling the two that they have saved the world due to their bravery
  • Cincia and Ellen: Cincia and Ellen don't especially like Arthur; they call him a brat and long for him to go to sleep so they won't have to deal with him. (And somehow, when he does go to sleep, he still manages to fly his plane.) After they defeat the final boss, Arthur declares that he had to do all the work, which causes Cincia to spank him for being a "rude baby." (Then again, she may be spanking him because he groped Ellen's chest. . . .)
  • Hien: Arthur is surprised to see a flying ninja, but Hien is even more surprised to see a baby fighter pilot. Arthur tries to make friends, but Hien is not especially interested, declaring that "ninjas have no friends." However, by the end of the final boss battle, Hien decides that Arthur did well enough to become a ninja himself. Arthur isn't so sure.
  • Mecha-Keaton: Arthur thinks that Keaton is a toy, though he is respectful enough to the older pilot. Keaton is not quite so enthusiastic about Arthur, but he is impressed with the one-year-old's fighting skills. After they defeat the final boss, Keaton demands that Arthur "score him a meal." At Arthur's house, they are greeted by his father William, and Keaton amazes them both by dumping an omelet into the chest of his mechanical body.
  • Mao Mao: Mao Mao thinks Arthur is cute, but when she fawns over him, he'll have none of it. She ends up changing her opinion a bit and declaring him rude, though she does admire his flying skills. After they defeat the final boss, Mao Mao and Arthur revel in their victory-- until the boss falls out of the sky and crashes into a city, destroying it.
  • Captain Silver: Each is amazed at the other's age, and they argue a bit: Silver mocks Arthur's age, and Arthur mocks Silver's baldness. After the final boss battle, Silver's plane catches on fire; surrounded by flames, he declares that he will die a hero, while Flint looks around rather frantically. Arthur survives, but apparently Silver perishes in this most depressing ending.
  • Whity: Whity and Arthur get along fairly well, despite Whity's initial shock at Arthur being a baby. They fight well together, and Arthur "loves dolphins." After the final boss battle, Arthur's plane starts to crash into the sea; however, Whity calls upon Great Shin-chan the whale to catch the plane with its spout. As Whity says, "We can always count on whales."

Sonic Wings 3Edit

Mao Mao wedding guest

Arthur in Sonic Wings 3.

In the two-player mode ending if the player chooses Ellen and Cincia and Alex, Arthur is seen as one of Ellen's wedding guests along with his father, William Sid Pride.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Arthur in Sonic Wings Special.

Arthur appears in Special after the boss battle with Pandora if the player uses Mecha-Keaton and Captain Silver. Recalling the Sonic Wings 2 ending with Arthur and Keaton, the cyborg and Silver go to William's house for food, where Silver, William, and Arthur watch in amazement as Keaton shovels in the scrambled eggs.

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