This small enemy resembles a blue aircraft with two large guns and a checkerboard pattern on both wings. It plays very different roles in its two appearances in Video System games, even having changed allegiances between Turbo Force and Sonic Wings 3. It shares its checkerboard design with the checkered craft boss.

Turbo ForceEdit


The checkered planes in Turbo Force.

Stage: throughout game

The checkered planes are a common enemy throughout Turbo Force, and they serve no special purpose. The planes attack by firing ammunition at the player but are easily defeated.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


The checkered plane in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Stages 1, 4, and 7

The checkered planes return on Sonic Wings 3, this time to fulfill a vital function: they allow the player to choose her/his route through the game. After the final boss of stage 1, 4, or 7 is defeated, a checkered plane will appear. It does not attack but instead hovers in place until the player damages it enough to break off one wing. The other wing breaks off immediately after, and the plane disappears. The game's next stage is determined based on which wing is shot off first.

In Sonic Wings 3, each checkered plane bears a round blue eye, which clings to it using red and blue tentacles. This is the same style of eye seen on the Hildroid creatures in Spinal Breakers, indicating that the planes now serve the Hildroid instead of the enemy in Turbo Force. It is possible that the Hildroid have forcibly possessed the planes.

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