The aptly named Cross Fire is a cross-shaped tank; each arm bears several cannons and gun turrets, as does the center of the tank. A set of steps is placed in the corner of each set of arms, leading up to the central platform. Cross Fire has the ability to move in any direction.

Turbo ForceEdit


Cross Fire in Turbo Force.

Stage: stage 4

Cross Fire is the boss of the fourth stage of Turbo Force. It attacks by firing missiles from its cannons and turrets.  Its front and side arms can be attacked and destroyed separately before the whole tank is attacked.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Cross Fire in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: North African Desert (stage 7 version)

Cross Fire returns in Sonic Wings 3; its appearance is almost exactly the same as in Turbo Force. The North African Desert can be played as either stage 2 (where Vazeel is the stage boss) or stage 7. Cross Fire is the first boss in stage 7, where it appears a top of a ruined tower. It attacks in the same manner as in Turbo Force. After it is defeated, the player must then face Daio Ika.

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