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Stage: North African Desert (stage 7 version)

Daio Ika is the second boss of the North African Desert if the area is encountered as stage 7 in Sonic Wings 3; it appears after the player has defeated Cross Fire. (Vazeel is the boss of the area if it is played as stage 2.)

Daio Ika is one of the strangest and most complicated of all the series' minor bosses. It has two forms, and each is composed of two parts. One half of Daio Ika is, as its name suggests, a giant squid. The other half is a multi-armed, humanoid being who occasionally appears above the squid.

First FormEdit


First form of Daio Ika in Sonic Wings 3.

After the player has defeated Cross Fire at the top of the ruins in the desert, a trap door opens in the sand, revealing a pool of water from which Daio Ika emerges. An image of an angel marks the location of the door; this angel also marks Daio Ika's second form, below.

Daio Ika first appears as a teal giant squid with golden eyes and no markings. The squid attacks with the usual barrage of fire balls. Occasionally, a humanoid figure will appear with a clicking noise above the squid for about one second; because it disappears so quickly, it is hard to tell whether the figure attacks or not. The figure resembles a six-armed woman, reminiscent of the Buddhist goddess Tara, seated cross-legged. Behind it is a disc-shaped halo bearing the letters "MCX," possibly the Roman numerals for 1,110.

Second FormEdit


Second form of Daio Ika in Sonic Wings 3.

After a short time in battle, Daio Ika takes on its second form. The squid changes color from teal to pink, and it gains two markings: an eye symbol above its real eyes and syphon and an angel on its mantle. Besides fire balls, the squid can now attack from the eye symbol with beams of red or blue light.

As in Daio Ika's first form, a humanoid figure also appears above the pink squid; this figure is the same angel found on both the squid's mantle and over the trap door. It resembles a four-armed woman with a large pair of wings; her short hair style and face are identical to those of the six-armed figure. The figure's lower arms are feminine, but its upper set are more muscular and masculine. Again, it is unclear whether the figure actually attacks or not.

After Daio Ika is defeated, explosions surround the pink squid, and it turns to cracked stone; blood trails from the eye symbol. A checkered plane appears, allowing the player to select her/his route.

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