Stage: Stage 6

This monstrous head has two forms, the first of which resembles the alien in the Predator movies. When it first appears, the head is humanoid in shape but reptilian in features. It is fringed with long brown hair or tentacles and red eyes. In this form, the head attacks with spikes and fireballs of assorted sizes.

After taking some damage, the head transforms into a red, skull-like form, losing its skin and hair but retaining its spikes, eyes, and teeth. Its attacks also change to the use of swords and missiles; these appear to be made of teeth and other organic matter. Some bear a resemblance to teratomas.

Although Rabio Lepus had its own giant head bosses (Dotama and Golem Head), this boss seems to be a separate entity; it is drastically different in appearance from the more humanoid heads in Rabio Lepus.

Screenshot Gallery Edit

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