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Area: Stage 12 (Planet) in Rabio Lepus; Stage 6 (Planet) in Rabio Lepus Special

The Ghost Golem serves as a decoy for Yohmaoh, the demon king who abducts the royal family of Bunnyland. In the manual of Rabio Lepus Special, the Ghost Golem is shown commanding Yohmaoh's army. The Ghost Golem is a giant with pointed ears who carries an ax. His skin is blue in Rabio Lepus and purple in Rabio Lepus Special.

The ax-wielding Ghost Golem seems to be the final boss of the game; however, the player will quickly discover that although the Golem attacks, it cannot be damaged. It turns out to be merely a decoy for the real final boss, Yohmaoh. To expose Yohmaoh, the player must move past the Ghost Golem and attack the cracked wall behind him. When the wall falls away, it reveals the skeletal final boss.

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