Rabio LepusEdit

Stage: Stage 8 (Asteroid) in Rabio Lepus; Stage 2, boss 3 (Asteroid) in Rabio Lepus Special

The Golem Head is a giant humanoid head; the Tapeworm emerges from its mouth. The Golem Head is somewhat similar in appearance to Dotama, but it lacks horns and has pointed instead of rounded ears. Also, unlike Dotama, it doesn't float. In Rabio Lepus, the head is made of a dark-colored stone, but in Rabio Lepus Special, the stone is a lighter, greyer color. Also, the Golem Head's ears are not visible in Special.

The Golem Head is the chief boss of the asteroid series of levels, and it guards the kidnapped king of Bunnyland. The head attacks by shooting fireballs, but the Tapeworm emerges from its mouth and attacks the player as well. The Golem Head's weak spot is its open mouth.

Screenshot Gallery Edit

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