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The red, octopus-like Martians-- which do not appear to be enemies, merely innocent bystanders-- are featured in Sonic Wings 3 if the player selects Whity in single-player mode. After the final boss battle (whether it takes place on Mars or in Bermuda), Whity wonders if Martians are like octopi. He discovers that they are, and to avoid being eaten, they offer him some Martian snow eel. Unfortunately, it's disgusting, and Whity blasts the Martians with his plane in retaliation.

The Martians also appear in the game's ending in two-player mode if the players choose Whity and Chaika and Pooshika. After the final boss battle, Chaika and Pooshika spy on Whity, trying to figure out how he can fly a plane. To their amazement, he takes off his head, revealing himself to be Captain Silver and Flint in a dolphin costume! But when the girls ask, "Really?" the game declares, "Well, no, not exactly" along with the images of two Martians. This enigmatic ending is never explained.

The Martians are a peaceful race which hates war. When they speak, they often attach the suffix 火星 ("Mars") to their words. No one is sure how the Martians managed to build a civilization without having any hands![1]

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


The Martians in Sonic Wings Limited.

The Martians are shown in the game's ending sequence if the player allows Osaru to escape; the giant monkey attacks Mars and the Martians.

Pop'n BounceEdit


A Martian in Pop'n Bounce.

The Martians appear in one of the space levels of Pop'n Bounce, along with UFOs with eyes.

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