Turbo ForceEdit

Stage: stage 7

The final boss of Turbo Force is, appropriately, a giant rocket-powered car. It is referred to as "the mega car" in the Turbo Force US arcade manual. The mega car's cylindrical missiles are shaped like the Lexus logo, suggesting that it is meant to be a Lexus. It most closely resembles the Lexus LS 400 model of the early 1990s.

The mega car has three modes of attack; its attack can be predicted by which kanji appears on the car's hood:

  • 神風 (Kamikaze [divine wind]): the car rushes the player to cause damage and fires cylindrical missiles.
  • 日本 (Nihon [Japan]): the car fires round missiles at the player.
  • 忍 (Shinobi [ninja]): the car opens its doors and fires still other missiles from inside its cab. It also disappears and reappears quickly.

Screenshot Gallery Edit

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