Sonic WingsEdit

Stage: Russia

Two MiG 31s, a real-life Russian aircraft, have been taken over and are being used as unmanned bombers. The MiGs attack using fireballs and trails of flaming exhaust.

The nickname "Icefox" seems to be a reference to the fictional MiG 31 in the 1982 movie Firefox. The US SNES manual for the game calls the MiGs "Siberiacrafts."

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


The MiG 31 Flamefox in Sonic Wings Special and Limited.

Stage: The Red Square

The pair of MiG 31s returns in Special, where they are now nicknamed "Flamefox" instead of "Icefox." The craft also appear farther apart than in Sonic Wings, making it possible for the speedy player to take down one before the other even appears. The MiGs still attack with fireballs; however, they also change shape when damaged, with part of the jet falling away before the entire craft defeated.

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