Rabio LepusEdit

Stage: Stage 4 (Spaceship) in Rabio Lepus; Stage 1, boss 3 (Spaceship) in Rabio Lepus Special

The Moving Core is a large piece of dome-shaped machinery. It appears to contain a light source. In the original Rabio Lepus, it is green, while there are two purple Moving Cores in Rabio Lepus Special. In addition, the original Moving Core features a humanoid figure on its front. The figure appears to have pointed ears like the other bosses Golem Head and Ghost Golem.

In the original Rabio Lepus, the Moving Core is guarding Kotomi Kitashirakawa, sister to the kidnapped princess of Bunnyland. In Rabio Lepus Special, the two Moving Cores are mounted on both the floor and ceiling, where they still hold Kotomi captive. The Moving Cores in both games attack by firing robot missiles and moving back and forth.

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