Sonic Wings 3Edit


Novgorod in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Fortress of the Soviet Union

The Novgorod is the first boss encountered in the Soviet Union stage. It appears in water, looking much like a UFO from above, and shoots fireballs at the player from its turrets.

Despite its odd, round appearance, the Novgorod is a real-world craft. However, unlike other vehicles taken from real life in Sonic Wings 3, it far predates World War II: it was created in the 1870s and scrapped just before World War I [1].

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Novgorod in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: Aegean Sea

Novgorod reappears in Sonic Wings Limited, this time floating in the Aegean Sea. It attacks by shooting artillery from its turrets and by launching drones.



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