Pop'n Bounce is a puzzle game similar to Break Out; the player must bounce a ball off a paddle in order to knock out a wall of sprites. However, in Pop'n Bounce, the sprites are of assorted living creatures instead of bricks.

Rabio features in Pop'n Bounce as the sprite wall in the last level.


None available


None available




See image gallery below.

  • Blowfish
    • Likes: it's [sic] large eyes
    • Dislikes: pointy things
  • Cat
    • Likes: warm hearth
    • Dislikes: flea
  • Dharma
    • Likes: sincerity
    • Dislikes: insincerity
  • Dragon
    • Likes: the sky
    • Dislikes: indecisive person
  • Ghost
    • Likes: midnight
    • Dislikes: bully
  • Hippopotamus
    • Likes: bathing
    • Dislikes: cavity
  • Martian & UFO
    • Likes: universal conquest
    • Dislikes: invader
  • Mermaid
    • Likes: clean seawater
    • Dislikes: bad mannered person
  • Octopus
    • Likes: fresh seafood
    • Dislikes: noizy [sic] place
  • Penguin
    • Likes: bow tie
    • Dislikes: humid places
  • Rabio & Lady
    • Likes: carrot
    • Dislikes: satin
  • Turtle
    • Likes: sunbathing
    • Dislikes: a fast runner
  • Slime
    • Likes: soft things
    • Dislikes: hard things
  • Snail
    • Likes: rainfall
    • Dislikes: cold winter
  • Spaceship
    • Likes: brand new fuel
    • Dislikes: rust
  • Star
    • Likes: zero-gravity conditions
    • Dislikes: crashing

Non PlayableEdit

Game VersionsEdit


Pop'n Bounce has been released for the arcade in Japan (as Gapporin) and the US. Used MVS cartridges seem to be uncommon even online. There is no difference between the Japan and US versions of the game other than the title. The game was not released for the home version of Neo-Geo.

Screenshot Gallery Edit

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