Pseudo-Bagarius is a strange, water-dwelling entity whose entire body is never seen. It always appears partially hidden by pieces of metal or machinery, which it sometimes uses to attack. It can also attack with fireballs and green lasers. What can be seen of Bagarius's body includes a mass of red and blue tentacles, as well as a bright green eye. The round shape of this eye, as well as the coloration of its tentacles, marks it as being related to the Hildroid rather than Lar and Fata Morgana. Despite this boss's squid-like appearance, Bagarius is actually a genus of catfish.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Pseudo-Bagarius in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Deep Sea off the Bermuda

Pseudo-Bagarius is the game's final boss if the player chooses Deep Sea off the Bermuda as the last stage. It first appears hidden in a submarine; the sub begins to fall apart after taking some damage, but Bagarius's red and blue tentacles attempt to hold it together. When the sub is finally destroyed, Bagarius pulls two pieces of metal together to form a mantle for its tentacles until it is defeated. If the player allows Bagarius to escape, it is shown laughing.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Pseudo-Bagarius in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Bermuda Triangle

Pseudo-Bagarius returns in Special as the sub-boss of the Bermuda Triangle stage, where it is arguably more difficult than the game's final boss, the Purple Sphere. This time, Bagarius appears without its submarine, instead turning up already wearing its metal mantle. Bagarius first attacks with a devastating number of green lasers. Most of the player's time should be spent in dodging these attacks, but any hits gotten in on Bagarius produce a power-up, making this a good opportunity to gain bonus points.

After these initial attacks, Bagarius begins to pick up debris from the ocean floor, consisting of parts of previously defeated bosses. It does not attack so heavily when armed with these parts. It first picks up Vazeel's arm and the turret from Do-ni Revision while riding on Pomornik. It also uses the bomb from Tenzui. After taking some damage in this form, Bagarius drops the parts and picks up Rainfire's arm as well as an arm from Vazeel V3, riding on 89-X. Finally, it picks up the nosecone from the Rocket with which it surrounds itself as it shoots torpedoes.

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