Appearing in every Sonic Wings game except for Sonic Wings Assault, the Shogun is Hien's master. He seems to give Hien his orders, even though Hien is fighting with Project Blue, commanded by Lord River-n-White. In some of his appearances, the Shogun is serene and wise, but in others, he acts bizarrely.

Sonic WingsEdit

The Shogun appears after the final boss battle if the player fighters with Hien in single-player mode. Hien reports in to the Shogun, who is practicing calligraphy, and receives orders to continue fighting.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


The Shogun again gives Hien orders during single-player mode, and he appears after the final boss battle. However, the Shogun isn't always quite so stoic. For instance, when he discovers that Hien received help from the robotic Mecha-Keaton, the Shogun hits the roof-- literally.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


The Shogun in Sonic Wings 3.

The Shogun appears after the final boss battle when the player chooses either Hien or Mao Mao in single-player mode. Hien is again taking radioed orders from the Shogun, who asks him to pursue and identify the enemy. They lose radio contact briefly; then the Shogun tells Hien that he is no longer fighting on Earth. After the boss battle, Hien reports to the Shogun and asks if it is "just to destroy a world" (apparently the alien planet to which the enemy had taken Hien) in order to perfect the Earth. The Shogun declares that such a question is a sign of weakness. In Mao Mao's ending, the Shogun says he's heard about her from Hien and asks her, "Will you be my bride?" Mao Mao says "no" quite cheerfully.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


The Shogun in Sonic Wings Special.

The Shogun appears once more in all of Hien's single-player endings, reprising the scenes from previous games.

  • Boss battle with Pandora: The Shogun praises Hien's work and tells him to go home to rest.
  • Boss battle with Lar: As in his single-player ending from Sonic Wings 2, Hien returns to the Shogun who allows him to rest-- this time in a steam bath. However, Hien's break is again interrupted by the other ninja who tells him there is a new mission.
  • Boss battle with Balbi: Hien reports to the Shogun, who again blasts off in an ending similar to the two-player ending with Mecha-Keaton in Sonic Wings 2. However, this time the Shogun is pleased with Hien's work.

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