Soh Takeko is one of the Sonic Wings series's oddest bosses. Takeko is a living mahjong tile. Her eyes are made from two green symbols on the tile, and she has a small mouth. For hair, Takeko has two dark braids tied with red bows on either side of her "head." She wears a sailor-style school girl uniform with blue skirt and collar and a red tie. She first appeared as the final boss of Ojanko High School.

Ojanko High SchoolEdit


Soh Takeko in Ojanko High School.

Soh Takeko is the player's final opponent in Ojanko High School; she is encountered last in the game, if all other challengers have been defeated. Described as a "bamboo ghost" with unknown birthday and no blood (and therefore, no blood type), she appears as a giant mahjong tile wearing a school girl's uniform. 竹子 (Takeko) is a female name in Japanese, but 竹 (take) also means "bamboo," which is used to make mahjong tiles.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Soh Takeko in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Mars

"She ended up on Mars and has learned the English language. No one knows where she came from. The written report of how she came to be is inserted: 'As far as becoming a ghost is concerned, she says, "I just appeared."''s no use. A mahjong win makes her shine flirtatiously, and we lose!"
-Sonic Wings 3 strategy guide

Soh Takeko returns in Sonic Wings 3 as one of two possible bosses of the Mars stage, along with Gurabura. Takeko seems happy most of the time, even as she attacks with rows of giant mahjong tiles and occasionally falls on her face. If she is allowed to escape, Takeko is shown stomping on a burning city and laughing.

When Takeko appears, she is introduced as follows:

Ladys and Gentleman [sic]
Welcome to... MARS
Warning!! A huge battleship "Soh-Takeko" is approaching fast.
Takeko on the stage.

This introduction is a spoof of game company Taito's shoot'em up game Darius, where all bosses are introduced with the phrase "WARNING! A huge battleship -(boss name)- is approaching fast!"

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