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Track ListingEdit

  1. Video System!
  2. Opening
  3. Character Selection
  4. Japan Stage
  5. Boss
  6. Stage Interval Demo
  7. France Stage
  8. Pacific Ocean Stage (Bonus Stage)
  9. Brazil Stage
  10. America Stage
  11. Nepal Stage (Bonus Stage)
  12. Australia Stage
  13. Mexico Stage
  14. Hawaii Stage
  15. Fort Stage first half ~ Monkey Station
  16. Fort Stage second half
  17. Final Boss (First Class Incident)
  18. Final Boss (Tenukie Chaudo Incident)
  19. Ending Angela's Theme
  20. Ending Mao's Theme
  21. Ending Mao's Theme (Instrumental)
  22. Ending Hien's Theme
  23. Ending Silver's Theme
  24. Ending Happy
  25. Ending Bad
  26. Ending Serious
  27. Ending Heartwarming
  28. Ending Silly
  29. Ending Sorrow
  30. Staff Roll
  31. Name Entry
  32. Opening (Neo-Geo)
  33. Character Selection (Neo-Geo)
  34. Japan Stage (Neo-Geo)
  35. Boss (Neo-Geo)
  36. Stage Interval Demo (Neo-Geo)
  37. France Stage (Neo-Geo)
  38. Pacific Ocean Stage (Bonus Stage) (Neo-Geo)
  39. Brazil Stage (Neo-Geo)
  40. America Stage (Neo-Geo)
  41. Nepal Stage (Bonus Stage) (Neo-Geo)
  42. Australia Stage (Neo-Geo)
  43. Mexico Stage (Neo-Geo)
  44. Hawaii Stage (Neo-Geo)
  45. Fort Stage first half ~ Monkey Station (Neo-Geo)
  46. Fort Stage second half (Neo-Geo)
  47. Final Boss (First Class Incident) (Neo-Geo)
  48. Final Boss (Tenukie Chaudo Incident) (Neo-Geo)
  49. Ending Angela's Theme (Neo-Geo)
  50. Ending Mao's Theme (Neo-Geo)
  51. Ending Hien's Theme (Neo-Geo)
  52. Ending Silver's Theme (Neo-Geo)
  53. Ending Happy (Neo-Geo)
  54. Ending Bad (Neo-Geo)
  55. Ending Serious (Neo-Geo)
  56. Ending Heartwarming (Neo-Geo)
  57. Ending Silly (Neo-Geo)
  58. Ending Sorrow (Neo-Geo)
  59. Staff Roll (Neo-Geo)
  60. Name Entry (Neo-Geo)
  61. S.E. (Sound Effects) Collection

Media Edit

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