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Track Listing Edit

  1. Video System!
  2. Illusion (Opening & Staff Roll)
  3. Overture (Player Select)
  4. Dirty City (Tokyo Stage)
  5. Show Me What You've Got! (Stage Boss)
  6. It's A Sonic Jingle 1 (Stage Clear 1)
  7. Scorchers (German Naval Port Stage)
  8. Overdrive Man (North America Desert Stage 1)
  9. The Sonic Jungle Show Part 1 (Bonus Stage 1)
  10. Stereo Type (Grand Canyon Stage)
  11. Lackluster Lacuna (London Stage 1)
  12. Lackluster Lacuna - Remix - (London Stage 2)
  13. With Deep Emotion (Normandia Stage)
  14. Motif (Panama Canal Stage)
  15. The Sonic Jungle Show Part 2 (Bonus Stage 2)
  16. Overdrive Man - Remix - (North America Desert Stage 2)
  17. Quacking Meditator (South East Asia Stage)
  18. A Exalted Executioner Was Exclaimed (Soviet Stage)
  19. Deep Groove (Sea Stage)
  20. Odyssey (Mars Stage)
  21. Deja Vu (Last Boss)
  22. The Theme Of Soh Takeko (Last Boss - Soh Takeko)
  23. It's A Sonic Jingle 2 (Stage Clear 2)
  24. Queer A Player Piano (Ending)
  25. Illusion - Short Version - (Name Entry)
  26. Sonic Wings 3 - Non-Stop Mix (NeoGeo CD Version)
  27. Dead Shimotagana - Radio Mix (Taken from Sonic Wings 2)
  28. S.E. (Sound Effects) & Voice Collection

Media Edit

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