In the near future, a secret organization is plotting against an otherwise peaceful world. Much of this organization's plans are still unclear. Several countries have launched investigations, but all they have discovered is that its purpose is to destroy the world order, that it possesses unknown chemical weapons, and that it calls itself Fata Morgana.
To fight against Fata Morgana, a super-national organization called Project Blue has been established. It is a group of combat experts from all over the world, and is officially part of the U.N. Security Force's commando units.
There's no time to lose. Captain Lord River-n-White's orders: "Use of all weapons is allowed. Launch a full-scale attack!" The enemy awaits you in various parts of the world.
-Sonic Wings Special for Android Story
This version of Sonic Wings Special is an English port created as an app for Android devices; however, it has enough differences from the original version of Special for it to be considered a separate game. The app has not been updated since its release.

The Special app features four playable characters, nine stages, and four different endings. It appears that there is no way to choose a path among the stages or to receive other than one ending per character. There is also apparently no two-player mode available. The system of power ups and extra points remains the same as in other Sonic Wings games; however, the game seems to be a little easier then the original Sonic Wings Special. It uses the translated dialogue from Aero Fighters Special (the English translation of Sonic Wings Limited). Since Blaster Keaton only appears in Aero Fighters Special as Mecha-Keaton, Sonic Wings Special for Android uses Mecha-Keaton's translated dialogue.

The music and graphics have translated well to the Android version, except for a slight break in the music when it loops during a boss fight. However, players have expressed dissatisfaction with the game's controls: the player's plane fires shots continuously and must be controlled by the player's finger.[1] Sometimes the player's finger can get in the way of viewing the screen, and the plane's movements may lag a little. Special weapons are detonated by touching and holding an icon on the screen.

A free version of the app is available. It contains only the first stage of the game (Tokyo), and Blaster Keaton is the only playable character.



None available.

Stages Edit

  1. Tokyo
  2. Mato Grosso
  3. Dover
  4. Paris
  5. Syrian Desert
  6. Bosporous Straits
  7. Grand Canyon
  8.  ?
  9. Bermuda Triangle




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