Hildroids were created by humans as a worker force. They had no will, no intelligence, and were submissive robots. Then it happened...

Several nuclear explosions around the globe triggered a nuclear war-- man's worst nightmare. But nothing compared to the terror of the mutated, now murderous hildroids. In horror and defeat, man fled to the stars.

Now, Captain Waffle must return to Earth and smash the hildroids, before they can complete a diabolical plan to alter history, and destroy humanity.

-Spinal Breakers US flyer

Spinal Breakers is a sort of primitive first person shooter starring Captain Waffle, who would later appear as a hidden character in Sonic Wings 3 and Sonic Wings Special. Waffle, who has been in artificial hibernation on a space station, travels to Earth to fight the organic robots known as the Hildroid, who have been affected by nuclear radiation and somehow have gained the ability to travel through time. They are now taking over human and animal hosts from Earth's past.

The game has three possible endings, two bad and one good. In one bad ending, Waffle returns to the space station only to find that his wife Camille and their daughter have been possessed by the Hildroid, and Waffle shoots them both. A third gunshot heard implies that Waffle also commits suicide. In the second bad ending, Camille is safe, but Waffle himself has been possessed. However, in the good ending, the whole family returns to the space station safely, and the Earth is returned to its normal, pre-Hildroid state.

The Hildroid return in Sonic Wings 3, where they join Fata Morgana in fighting Project Blue in a World War II setting.


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Spinal Breakers has been released for the arcade in Japan and the US; however, it has never been released for a home console. Used PCB/Jamma boards are available online, although they are less common than some other Video System games. There seems to be no difference between the Japan and US versions of the game.

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