As the sequel to SukuSuku Inufuku ("quickly, lucky dog"), Motto SukuSuku ("more quickly") again features the rather odd-looking dog Inufuku, who also has cameos in some of the later Sonic Wings games. The game spans a year; in January, the player adopts an Inufuku to raise. Throughout the year, the player encounters a variety of characters who challenge her/him to quizzes and competitive games. The player's performance on the challenges influences how her/his Inufuku looks as it grows up. The characters, locations, and title cards for each month that show up in the game also vary. Lord River-n-White also appears as Taro Kitashirakawa, the name he is given in Rabio Lepus, and Mao Mao also has a cameo.

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PlayStation 2 Edit

Unlike the first SukuSuku Inufuku game, SukuSuku Inufuku 2 was not released in arcades and instead came direct to the PlayStation 2 via Hamster in 2007, for Japan only. The game is still readily available on eBay and Japanese sales sites.

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