The robot fighter pilot Tee-Bee A-10 was created by Kowful and intended to be "the world's greatest fighting machine." Kowful built Tee-Bee on the orders of Sweden's National Defence Radio Establishment. Tee-Bee gained autonomy and tries to destroy other machines to prove that he is the strongest.[1] Like his creator, Tee-Bee is arrogant about his fighting abilities, and he seems to love video games.

Tee-Bee is very short (appearing less than his given height in group artwork) and constructed of various silvery metal parts. Most notable are the typewriter (which is shown in some artwork but not others) at his base, his round blue-lensed eyes, and the key on the side of his head. In later games, he also bears Kowful's symbol of a rampant serpent or dragon. Tee-Bee's hands are three-fingered.

In his free time, Tee-Bee apparently serves as a volleyball referee.



Comparison of Tee-Bee and Johnny 5. US artwork is on the left, and Japanese artwork is on the right.

Tee-Bee bears a strong resemblance to the robot character Number 5 (later Johnny 5) from the movies Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2. However, the game designer claims to have designed Tee-Bee before seeing Short Circuit,[1] and, in fact, the Japanese artwork for Tee-Bee exhibits fewer similarities to Johnny than does the artwork for the US SNES Aero Fighters Manual. Both versions of Tee-Bee have three fingers instead of five, and Johnny 5 does not have a key on his head. Personality-wise, the two robots are very different. Johnny 5 is curious, cheerful, and friendly, while Tee-Bee is argumentative and grumpy. Tee-Bee's voice in Power Spikes II is similar to Johnny 5's, especially as it sounds early in Short Circuit.

Sonic WingsEdit


Tee-Bee A-10 in Sonic Wings.

Tee-Bee A-10's creator Kowful is his partner in two-player mode. The two often argue over who's really the best fighter pilot. Although he constantly brags that he's the world's greatest fighting machine, Tee-Bee is upstaged after the first boss battle by Tee-Bee A-10 Mk II. Although this new robot is never shown, he claims to be the real greatest fighting machine. Tee-Bee Mark 1 is devastated.

In two-player mode, Kowful and Tee-Bee constantly argue over who is the best fighter. After the first battle, they continue the argument, but it is revealed that they were actually only playing a Sonic Wings video game. They agree to keep playing.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Tee-Bee A-10 in Sonic Wings 2.

Tee-Bee is shown in Kowful's laboratory during the mid-point sequence in two-player mode if the players use Mecha-Keaton and Silver.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Tee-Bee A-10 in Sonic Wings Special and Limited.

In two-player mode, Tee-Bee is paired with his creator Kowful.

One-Player Mode Endings:

  • Boss battle with Pandora or Gurabura: After defeating the final boss, Tee-Bee boasts about his power. . . until he runs down because he needs winding up.
  • Boss battle with Lar or Do-ni Revision: As in Sonic Wings, Tee-Bee A-10 Mk II appears, this time actually shooting down the original Tee-Bee.
  • Boss battle with Balbi or Osaru: Whity appears, angry that Tee-Bee is polluting the ocean. Tee-Bee challenges the dolphin to a fight over the matter.

Two-Player Mode Endings:

  • Boss battle with Pandora or Gurabura: Even after being defeated, the final boss takes down Kowful and Tee-Bee's planes when it falls from the sky.
  • Boss battle with Lar or Do-ni Revision: Tee-Bee turns into a rocket, and Kowful rides him off into space so that they can find someone they can defeat. The two end up founding their own empire.
  • Boss battle with Balbi or Osaru: As in their ending in Sonic Wings, Kowful and Tee-Bee are shown battling each other in a video game.

Power Spikes IIEdit


Tee-Bee A-10 in Power Spikes II.

In Hyper League mode, Tee-Bee appears as a referee.

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